A Journey to Support YOU in Your Life


    with Petra Bongartz

  • Ongoing group for women

    October 2019-August 2020 (Cape Town)

  • A Sanctuary

    for your being, becoming and blossoming

    Deeper Connection

    to your body, heart and soul, to others, others and to life in all its forms


    to inspire, witness, encourage and support you


    to help you meet life's challenges and live your dreams more fully

  • Do you have time to thrive in your life?

    Is life too busy to focus on what you really want?

    Are YOU on your to do list?

    Do you struggle to follow your intentions and longings?

    Are you confused about what you want?

    Do you feel like there is more of you, for you, in you?

  • Time to Thrive is for you

    if you want to

    • Take time and space to be, explore, learn and resource
    • Put yourself more fully behind yourself and your dreams
    • Dive deep into connection with yourself and others
    • Learn tools and practices to meet life’s challenges more creatively
    • Be part of an inspiring, encouraging and supportive community
    • Feel more vibrantly alive and have energy to follow your purpose
  • Why an ongoing group?

    A crucible in which to explore the joys, questions, challenges and opportunities of life

    Islands in the busyness of life

    An ongoing group means optimal conditions for deeper engagement with yourself and your questions. The modules are time and space for you to explore, connect and gather resources to then bring back into your day to day. As the practice meets life, more material emerges that then becomes part of the ‘food’ for the next module. The sustained focus over time and the opportunity to build on previous steps means we can travel further than in a one off event. Change happens one (dancing) step at a time!


    Connection is the medicine for our time!

    A huge amount of the power and medicine of this programme lies in the sense of community and the journeying alongside companions over an extended period of time. Together, we create a strong, safe and sacred circle within which each individual is respected, encouraged and supported to explore who they are and who they wish to become. It’s a chance to become intimate witnesses to each other’s challenges and triumphs, to laugh and cry together, to cheer each other on and to receive the gift of authentic connection. Rich learning comes from the space between us: we are all each other's witnesses, mirrors, teachers and inspirations. This is at times challenging but always rewarding! We need each other to live, to learn, to grow!


    “Who are we to be with one another? And how are we to be with one another?”

    (Pádraig Ó Tuama)

  • About this work

    Movement, embodied enquiry, creative play, sharing, togetherness


    Movement Medicine

    Movement Medicine is a body based practice, a kind of 'mindfulness in motion', that weaves together the wisdom of many different traditions including dance, neuroscience, shamanism and constellations work. Through engaging body, heart and mind together in movement, we are able to access a different kind of intelligence from the one we generally use- a more holistic and connected understanding of the world and ourselves. In the dance, we re-member ourselves as creative, choiceful and interconnected beings. We practice moving with all that life brings. Movement Medicine is a journey of discovery and an enquiry into how to be fully alive: Who are we and what is our purpose? How can we live our fullest potential and create the life we dream of?


    "Engaging all the places we don’t usually venture in our logical, box-shaped world and very much delving into parts of myself that are usually hidden and pushed aside. Towards the end I felt myself to be in quite a different place to when I started. Grounded, calm, more aware and open as if something that was all scrunched up had unfolded. “ (Jane S.)


    more about Movement Medicine

    About Petra

    Your guide on the journey

    Petra is a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher & Facilitator (CPD Level 1, 2 and 3 Advanced Training) and has been studying with the School of Movement Medicine, UK since 2009. Her teaching is informed by her passion for life and deep love for the Earth and all beings. Her intention is to inspire, support, nourish and connect people so that we can all play our part in creating a better and more meaningful world for all She teaches under the name Moving into Connection in South Africa and Europe. Her background includes almost fifteen years of international group facilitation and communications work in the international development sector, as well as teaching yoga and being a Pachamama Symposium facilitator. She also runs Elemental Beings and The Big Picture: Inspiration for our Times.


    " Petra holds a beautiful safe space, woven together with clarity, a wide allowing of whatever arises, and an encouraging soft feminine quality. She creates a deeply nurturing, ground of love and compassion for each participant and their process. Her spaces are firmly held, yet never too tight, leaving freedom for personal process and what that may need." (Hanna R. )


    more about Petra and Moving into Connection

  • What's included

    A safe, intimate, professionally held space, tools and resources to support you in your life, connection with other women, inspiration and much more...

    Five weekend workshops

    Two 45 min skype mentoring sessions

    Handouts and resources to support your practice between modules

    20% discount on other Moving into Connection workshops during the year

  • Practicalities

    This is your time to thrive

    Where and When

    Five weekends (Sat & Sun 9.30-17.00)

    at the Body Intelligence Studio, Noordhoek, Cape Town


    Module 1: 12-13 October 2019

    Module 2: 15-16 February 2020

    Module 3: 18-19 April 2020

    Module 4: 13-14 June 2020

    Module 5: 29-30 August 2020


    Participants commit to attending all five modules. Two mentoring sessions via skype are also included in the programme and will be scheduled individually.


    Cost and booking

    R8,000 if paid in full on booking before 31 August 2019,


    R10,500 (deposit of R3.500 to be paid on booking, remainder due before 1 October 2019)


    A limited number of concessions and payment plans are available on request.


    Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate atmosphere and allow for individual support for each participant.


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  • Join us!

    If you feel like it's your time to thrive, I'd love for you to join us! Fill in the form below to receive booking information, ask questions or tell us why you would like to be part of the Time to Thrive journey!